Best Engagement Ring Emerald Cuts for Fall 2019


Fall is about to come here soon. And it would be a good time to throw your romantic wedding. Fall season is usually identical with several wedding themes such as country, rustic, vintage and antique. For the promise ring concept, engagement rings emerald cut should be a fabulous one. So, why don’t we pick it as your promise ring concept? In fact, we have discussed the basic concept of emerald cut ring in the previous post. In that article, we have explained that a ring with emerald cut doesn’t mean it involves emerald stone as the ornament. The term of emerald refers to the shape of the diamond stone applied as the ring ornament.

Ideally, the engagement rings emerald cut has rectangular shape. Yeah, in the other word, the diamond stone is designed in rectangular shape with little accent of engraving on the top part. The emerald cut engagement ring usually has similar design from one to another. The differences that usually found on those emerald diamond rings are the application of additional ornament besides the emerald stone. Besides that there will be the thickness of the ring circle that typically influences the model of the whole ring. Here we come with some rings collection for your fall engagement party. The first engagement ring involves a very big white diamond in emerald cut. Yet, the ring band dimension extremely contrasts the size of the ring ornament stone. Based on the picture, the ring circle is very slim. To make this slim circle stronger, some diamond grains are attached along the circle as additional ornament.

Simpler engagement rings emerald cut have similar model as the first ring. Unfortunately, there is no diamond grain application decorating the circle of ring. However, without those additional ornaments, this big emerald diamond engagement ring is still special with white gold band as its basic material. For you who want thicker engagement ring, some rings are designed very thickly with some big diamond in emerald cut as the embellishment. The ring looks very expensive and glamor with seven big emerald cut diamonds as main embellishment. You can see it in the last pictures showed at this post.

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