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The wedding celebration approaches to its end. “Dear visitors! I ask your attention! – a host’s significant tone informs. – there comes an especial and touching moment in our evening’s program!”. In a second
waiters take out (or even take out on a special cart) an air, fine, sweet miracle – a wedding pie under a general applause: A custom to finish a wedding by a celebratory confectionery product existed in Ancient Rome. However, at that time they broke and crumbled a wedding pie over a head of the bride! It was considered that as a result of it she would have a prosperity in everything.

Today, certainly, nobody will create such vandalism neither with a bride, nor with a culinary masterpiece. But the tradition remained. Besides, the pie became a part of one of the most beautiful rituals of a wedding celebration: joint cutting of a sweet product by a groom and a bride, an entertainment of visitors, and also “auction” on which the very first cut off slice (there is also such tradition) is exposed on sale. Where it is better to order a pie for a wedding? Today almost all confectionery shops, bread-baking complexes and restaurants offer services in wedding pie manufacturing. First of all, it is necessary to be guided by own purse. More often production of large bakeries costs cheaper, than products of specialised confectioner’s shops workingunder individual orders.

However, anyway, your actions should be following:

Look through photos of wedding pies – in the catalogue or on a site of the manufacturer (practically all confectionery firms have sites). If you look the catalogue directly in a firm which has own manufacture, you can ask to try samples of offered pies in the form of small “cakes”. You won’t be allowed in shops where they make pies, as the main thing in food manufacture is sanitary. It is possible to order also small (under 1 kg) trial pie, if means allow.Be defined with weight, form and colour of a pie. Weight is counted, proceeding from quantity of visitors. A standard parity – on 1 person 150-200 g. Order little more, “with a stock”. Accordingly, if there will be 10-15 visitors – the pie weight should be 2-3 kg. If 20 persons – that of 4 kg, if 30 – that of 5-6 kg and so on. More often pies in weight more than 3 kg are made in some circles – 2, 3 and more. Many-tier pies appeared for the first time in London, in XVIII-th century and since then are popular thanks to the effective look. Pie circles can be settled down directly on each other, or – when weight of a pie is 7 and more kg – on supports.

The pie form can be any (today it is possible to create everything of sweet “building materials”), but the round, heart-shaped or square form is traditional for a wedding. However, you can think up something new.
Colour of a pie can be, basically, also any: blue, yellow, pink, green – the abundance of food dyes allows to “paint” a product in any shade without harm for health today. It is not necessary to do a pie completely white: on a photo and a video shooting all reliefs and patterns on it will merge and “be greased”. It is better to make atwo-coloured pie or decorate it by means of bright fruit. And it is possible to choose colour of a pie, proceeding: from colour of abride’s dress, and even hall registrations (such variants look rather curiously, especially in photos and video).The pie is some kind of the culmination of a wedding feast. Therefore it is simply obliged to be not just beautiful – but very beautiful! For an ornament the set of decorative elements, both edible, and inedible today is used. Natural flowers, laces, ribbons, etc. are used for this, and also figures (a newly-married couple, swans, pigeons, angels and so forth) which are established in the centre of a pie or on the uppermost circle. There are also so-called semiedible details: for example, thin multi-coloured caramel flowers or balls, a-la “chromeplated metal”. If you plan to establish any figures on the top circle, tell confectioners about it: the circle should sustain ornament weight. By the way, figures of swans, pigeons and a newly-married couple also can be edible: marzipan, chocolate or sugar. But, as a rule, people do not eat them (well, is it possible to devour a groom or a bride?!:) or bite off heads of sugar swans? This is a violation of a masterpiece!:)

Should you decorate a pie with a confectionery accessory popular nowadays – an edible photo? This ornament is made by the press by edible paints on a special rice photo paper, preliminary scanned. The paper with a picture is pasted on a flat surface of a pie, paints are absorbed, and the paper then leaves, leaving quite an accurate image. Here we have the same question, as with edible figures of a newly-married couple. If it is not a pity to you that your image will be cut on slices – then it is your choice! You will definitely surprise your guests! However, this is not so cheap. Often pies are decorated with inscriptions: “a groom’s name + bride’s name”, “peace and love”, etc., chocolate cutaways with same inscriptions.

A pie’s recipe also can be different. It is necessary to notice that so popular butter cream is too heavy for stomach (and especially in a wedding dessert which is used after a set of various cold and hot dishes). Thus, pies with such cream are concerned to “economy class”. Pies-souffles enter in slightly more expensive category. They are popular as souffle is a good “base” for various decorative edible designs due to its dense, but light structure. Today people order pies on a so-called “yogurt basis” very often. This basis turns out by addition of special components in natural cream, therefore they become more dense, very gentle on taste and aroma start to remind yoghurt. In a combination with fruit and biscuit it is tasty enough and not too high-calorie. However, cost of such pies is more expensive, than a souffle and cream. Irrespective of fillers, crusts can be biscuit (puff or shortcake dough practically is not used) more often. Layers can be not only above-stated, but also on the basis of cottage cheese weight, boiled condensed milk, with addition of nuts, coconut shaving, chocolate crumb, etc. If a pie has some circles, it is quite probably ordering each circle with a separate compounding, so that each guest could choose what is pleasant to him. In what terms they can do wedding pies? The more difficult process of manufacturing of your pie (exclusive design, or something else on your wishes) is, the earlier you should make an order. At least, a week before (and no later, than 2 working days prior to wedding). Making a wedding pie for 1 day is almost unreal.

Some confectionery firms take an advance payment – it can make up to 100 % from order cost. Thus, the firm makes secure on a case of a customer’s refusal at the last minute (after all, everything can happen).
Carrying out of a wedding pie on a celebration can also be made beautifully, you can decorate a pie with Bengal fires and set them on fire at the moment of carrying out (preliminary having turned off light in a hall). A groom and a bride take a special wide knife – it also is possible to decorate it – with weaved hands and cut off the first slices together: it is better to do it without hurrying up, feeling the importance of the moment: also it is not forgotten to look in photo objectives – and videocameras!:) if there is a top circle with a figure, it is possible either to remove and keep figures, or leave the whole circle (when it is on a support) and cut the bottom circles for guests. Here you already solve depending on a situation. It is undesirable, that a groom and a bride cut whole pie. After cutting of the first pieces it is better to release young from this duty and ask waiters cutting the remained pie (or someone from relatives, if a wedding occurs in a family circle). As a pie is served in the end of a wedding feast, it is necessary to take care of tea and coffee, after all, a cake is good with these drinks.

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