Useful Things To Carry For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot


Back in the days, couples didn’t pay much heed to pre-wed shoots. However, things are a lot different now because almost every wedding ceremony kicks off with a pre-wedding shoot. The concept has become a rage among the new generation of couples because it helps a couple to get rid of their fear of posing before the camera lens. 

So, if you’re planning to carry out a proper pre-wed shooting for you and your partner, then there are some preparations beforehand that you need to take care of. Therefore, to assist you & your partner’s endeavor, we are suggesting some pretty nifty suggestions that can help take your pre-wed shoot to the next level. 

Top Useful Items That You Should Carry For Your Pre-Wed Shoot

  • Always Carry Some Extra Outfits

According to a professional Hedsor House wedding photographer, carrying some additional outfits for your pre-wed shoot should always be on top of your priority list. This is because you never know when your needs or choices could change. Having alternatives is always a good idea. 

Be sure to choose outfits that you’ll not be wearing on your wedding or reception day so that you can make your pre-wed shoot a unique event. However, too many outfits can make the pre-wed shoot event cumbersome. So, ensure that you have at least two to three extra outfits and not more than that. 

  • Take Some Comfortable Footwear

It should be remembered that sometimes pre-wed shoots can take multiple hours to be completed and can involve a lot of walking as well. That’s why we suggest wearing flat-type shoes as they prove to be comfortable, especially for the long walk & standing sessions. 

In a pre-wed shoot, comfort is the key. Nobody out there would like their photos to be taken when they’re feeling discomfort in their legs. Some comfortable footwear options include sneakers, loafers, flats, flip-flops, and the like

Choose dark or neutral shades for your footwear, so that they can blend in really well with your outfits. Avoid bright colors from the get-go.

  • Some Make-Up Essentials

While grooms might think that make-up essentials only pertain to the brides, it’s definitely a wrong thought to have. For pre-wed shoots, grooms also require some make-up additions, just like the brides. Grooms need to look fresh just like the bride, and having some much-needed make-up essentials beside you can prove to be a lifesaver for that instant touch-up in the middle of the shoot. 

Lastly, we’d suggest carrying additional items such as props, which can prove to be helpful in telling an unusual story in each of your pre-wedding shoot photos. Items such as flowers, balloons, pets, and so on, can assist in creating an incomparable mood for the actual shoot. 


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