How To Make Your Own Organic Beauty Products


Everyone wants a beautiful, vibrant, natural glowing, young looking face! I’d like to share three facial cleansers (not masks) for your face. It’s good to do a thorough cleanse right before bed as your face collects dirt during the day. No matter what you use to clean or slather on your skin, if you don’t drink enough water AND eat enough fruits and veggies you will not have that vibrant glowing skin. You are what you eat, so junk food equals junk skin. If you have an acne problem, I suggest kicking the habit of drinking all sodas first (if you drink soda, that is) and then work on incorporating more fruits and veggies into your daily meals (making it a meal itself is better). You don’t have to believe me!! Just try it for yourself and you will SEE and FEEL the difference!

Natural Skincare Products

Now there are different opinions on whether you should wash your face once or twice a day. I say go with how you feel in the morning. Sometimes I just rinse my face with water and then applying some light moisturizer or coconut oil…depends on the weather and if you’re gonna wear makeup or not. If you have oily skin, you may have to wash your face twice a day. If you have dry skin, just wash it once at night and rinse off face in the morning. Experiment and find what is best for you! Exercising also helps your skin. I know after a good workout my skin is softer provided I clean my skin after wards. A good steam shower or bath helps to keep skin clear and dry brushing beforehand helps exfoliate skin.

Good quality, homemade, organic skin scrubs, soaps, lotions and moisturizers are all products to help get your skin clean and moisturized provided they are free of parabens, phthalates, 1,4-dioxane, Isothiazolinones, Triclosan, and talc. Our skin and our bodies also need the sun–in other words, wear a bathing suit or go nude to get adequate sun exposure. Not only does this provide your body with the Vitamin D which is VERY important to prevent disease, but it will give your skin a nice healthy glow and tan (provided you do not burn yourself-hence, you gradually work up to an hour over a period of a few months-start out with 15 minutes a day on each side of your body).

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