How to Plan a Wedding Rehearsal


Perfect dream wedding scene comes from the meticulous wedding rehearsal to ensure every detail accurate with no error on the wedding day. Such can you be the most beautiful bride and leave a romantic memory to your lifetime. Now let us have a look at the wedding rehearsal. 

What is the Wedding Rehearsal ?

Wedding rehearsal is held before the wedding that the main participants of the entire wedding drill as the rehearsal process at the actual wedding venue, which will involve a set of wedding rehearsal process.

In addition to wedding planner and implementation staffs, most people involved in the wedding are the first time personally attending in the wedding, they are mostly unaware of the processes that may occur on the actual wedding. Then the rehearsal process is a familiar process, a job to clear responsibilities of each individual. The process is very important and indispensable.

Wedding Rehearsal

First, the process drills

Different theme wedding has different forms. Most Western-style ceremonies include admission, witnesses, exchanged rings, love kiss, pouring champagne, throwing bouquets, exiting, etc. During the rehearsal process, you need to cover all of these. Thus you can control or predict the whole time, so as not to miss a key ritual or auspicious time or overall delay for too long. If your wedding ceremony includes special part with a certain degree of difficulty, such as remote controlling aircraft to send rings, etc., rehearsal is particularly important.

Second, the participants of rehearsal

In addition to the bride and groom, the best man and the bridesmaids must also attend. They need to know about and be familiar with a lot of rituals such as admittance and exiting in advance. The parents are best able to attend rehearsals. The rehearsal is not only the chance to be familiar with the process, but also the chance to eliminate tension. It can make the new people be the best in the real wedding.

Third, the device checks

In the wedding, you will use the microphone, sound, lighting, projection and other equipment. On different wedding venues, the associated power, projection screen and other auxiliary facilities need debug, not only test the soundness of the equipment, but also adjust the volume, and the best lighting shades according to the size of the actual banquet space.

Fourth, the words of string of the host

Moderator is the card of a wedding. Their work contains a basic set of wedding words improvisation combined with the characteristics of the wedding and unexpected problems in the wedding scene. And wedding rehearsal is the opportunity that moderator integrates these two parts the in advance. In addition, other people also are under the guidance of the moderator in the whole rehearsal, so it is essential.

Besides, in wedding rehearsal you should note the things as following:

Be sure to complete the ceremony rehearsal set to ensure an accurate grasp of the whole duration of the process. If there are some small errors or problems, you must solve them on the spot.

Bride is best to wear a wedding dress and wedding shoes to attend the rehearsal. Because there are panniers, or a long tail of the wedding dress, the bride is likely not accustomed to walk this way. Rehearsals can ensure you be better able to keep with the music and keep the consistent pace with the groom. Of course, in order to keep the wedding tidy, you can ask someone to help pick the tail of the dress up.

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