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So, it is the big day and chances are that you are already sick with worry and anticipation but hey, that’s part of the whole experience, right? Now, there are a few things that you can do to help make your day even more special, things which may seem fun, quirky but would still help to make your special day stand out for the right reasons. Just check out some of the wedding themes and ideas that you can use to help make your day, extra special.

  • Wedding flavors: All your guests expect to receive some unique themed wedding flavors; it may be a good idea to provide them with a hangover recovery kit. For starters, your guests would definitely appreciate it the next day, when they are in the middle of their hangover, and let’s face it, you are actually considerate to think of helping them out with the same, so chances are that you would end up with a lovely wedding gift from some grateful guests.
  • Anniversary Piñata: This is another themed idea that you may want to consider for your wedding. You may want to set up a Anniversary Piñata, which your guests can use to leave helpful tips, suggestions and one that has to be opened one year later, when you are among your friends. It is certainly fun and would definitely help to rekindle the magic as well.
  • Unique transportation: If you are into designer dresses and vintage cars, then you may want to hire something special for your wedding day, not just to transport you around but also to help transport your guests as well. Just search online for wedding cars in Hertfordshire, and you should soon be able to review the local vendors who specialize in renting out unique cars for wedding.
  • Chauffer service: You may also want to splurge on premium chauffeur service for the big day.  There are various companies that specialize and offer luxury chauffeur service in London. You may want to check them out and pick out the one that fits in with your current budget.
  • Video booth: Here is an interesting theme that you may want to try out for your special day. Instead of getting guests to write down in the reception book and chances are that some of them may even be drunk as well, it would be better to opt for a video booth. This way, all your guests can record their comments, tips, suggestions and you can watch it later on with your husband. It would certainly be funny and a worthwhile memento for you to treasure.
  • Themed menu: You may also want to go in for a themed menu, something that is popular and yet one that resonates amongst your guests for the right reasons. For example, instead of the usual wedding cake, you could go in for a pork pie and cheese, that’s just for starters. You could also go in for some unique and gourmet food items that you are certain others would enjoy, and no, it is not escargots. You could sit with your fiancée and plan the menu down to the last detail, and help create a unique wedding lunch/ dinner that stand out for the right reasons.
  • Get your guests to party: Granted that this bit is not a unique theme but it is nevertheless a theme. Just hire some popular band to play for your wedding reception and let your hair down and enjoy a good show.  Get all of your guests to shake a leg and help make the special day, even more special.

These are some of the things that you can do to help make your wedding day stand out for all the right reasons. What’s more, some of these themes would help you create some strong and wonderful memories of that special day.

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