Top 7 Ways To Deal With Your Post Honeymoon Blues


After months of planning the perfect wedding and looking forward to the honeymoon, it can be quite a shock to come back to reality. Both men and women often suffer from post honeymoon blues. The symptoms range from feeling a little off to a mild depression. By planning in advance and working together as a couple, you can tackle these blues and start enjoying your new life as a married couple.

Make Plans

After spending so much time making plans, it’s hard to suddenly not have a set plan in place after the honeymoon. You find yourself trying to figure out what to do next and feel absolutely lost. While you’re making wedding and honeymoon plans, make plans for the next two or three months after you arrive back home. Many couples take this time to organize their new home, open wedding gifts or do a few special activities together. This gives both of you time to adjust to being at home without the chaos of a wedding and honeymoon.

Talk to Each Other

Believe it or not, many couples tend to forget this very simple, yet effective way of dealing with problems once they’re married. They get so involved with their daily routines that they never discuss how they’re feeling. Talk to your spouse about your post honeymoon blues. Sharing the problem and getting feedback from your best friend helps you to work through the issue. You might even find you’re not alone and your spouse feels the same way. By talking it out, you’ll find the best way to work through your blues.

Have “Share” Nights

At least once a week, share something you love with your spouse. Whether it’s a story from your childhood or a favorite TV show, share something simple that your spouse hasn’t yet heard or experienced with you. Sharing your favorite things with your spouse helps bring the two of you closer together, erasing that lonely lost feeling from post honeymoon blues. You might also find new things that you can enjoy together.

Explore a New Hobby

Sometimes your spouse isn’t enough to help you deal with your blahs. During all the planning, you have very little time for yourself and suddenly finding yourself free of all those obligations can be a bit much. Take a moment when you plan your wedding to list a few hobbies you want to try. From taking dance classes to crafting flower arrangements, try something completely new. You’ll get excited and find something new to focus on. If you can get your friends or spouse involved, even better.

Make Time for Dates

Couples sometimes forget about the thrill that comes with a regular date night. You look forward to spending some quality alone time with the one you love. After you get married, you spend almost every day together, but work, chores, friends and family all get the in the way. When you were dating, those few hours you spent over a quiet dinner once a week were priceless. You don’t have to go out, but set aside one night a week to spend time together without distractions. Don’t invite friends or family along and turn off your phones. You’ll be amazed how spending some quality time together makes you feel closer and the post honeymoon adjustment easier.

Talk to Other Newlyweds

Remember that you’re not alone with your post honeymoon blues. Find a newlywed group that helps you connect with other couples who are going through the same thing you are. You can find local groups in many areas or you can connect online. Talking to others is a great way to get out those negative feelings and learn new ways to deal with the problem.

Make a Major Life Change

While this one isn’t possible for everyone, making a major life change such as getting a new job, going back to school or completely changing your look takes the focus off the post honeymoon blues. You’ll be so focused on making the change that the adjustment from happy bride or groom is smooth and easy. If a major change isn’t for you, make smaller changes such as painting a room, changing your wardrobe or trying a new workout.

It’s Not Permanent

The most important thing to remember is the post honeymoon blues are only temporary. With a little work, you can get past them. The best advice is to not put so much pressure on yourself and take your time making the adjustment.

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