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An order to commemorate any occasion, cake works best. A wedding cake is considered as a traditional cake and a wonderful way to celebrate the wedding. In the medieval times, the guests who come for a wedding brought a cake with their gift. All of the cakes have been merged to form a single cake. And the bride and the groom try to kiss over the peak layer of the cake. If they are able to kiss over the top of the cake then it was supposed a good luck for their married life. At that time, it is quite difficult ti make a large cake because of lack of refrigeration facilities. Mostly, the wedding cakes are of large size, multi layered and well decorated.

 You can also get a special cake which shows a shape of couple or some shapes have a bride and groom sit on the topmost layer of the cake.. Wedding cakes are available in a number of designs. You have to go to a recognized baker’s shop because you have to achieve a thick and strong cake which can easily support the heavy decoration. Wedding cake is quite large and takes a long period to make. For a good wedding cake, we require modern refrigeration, a skilled baker who now that how much sugar and fat is enough for a big cake. In large cakes, there is limited moisture content. The cost of the wedding cake depends on the style, layers and the flavor of the cake.

Almost couples go for white, flavorless and multilayered wedding cakes. According to the tradition, the wedding cake is cut by the bride and the groom together with a knife, while some couples also use a sword. Now, the bride and the groom feed the first bites of the wedding cake to one another. After that the bride cut the cake into small pieces and serves the cake to the groom’s family. Afterwards, the cake is given to the guests. The topmost layer of the wedding cake may consist of fruitcake, because some people store a little of wedding cake and eat this cake on their first wedding anniversary. Due to addition of fruitcake, the cake could be stored for a long duration.

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