Wedding Reception Ideas That Will Make Sure That Your Guests Have an Absolute Blast


Wedding is a big day, and everyone wants to make it a memorable incident. It should be fun with your unique and personal touch. We don’t mean that you need to make it an expensive affair. Simple yet fun things can make the reception night exclusively memorable for you and your guests. 

Let us share some of the quirkiest reception ideas with – your guests will thank you even when they come to congratulate you on your 25th anniversary. So, ready to plunge in the world of funny ideas?

Amazing Fun Ideas for your Wedding Reception

The dancing space

Music is a vital part of any reception– so hire the best Asian wedding DJs and see the spice they add to your reception.

Keep a box of dancing shoes or flats or flip flops near the dancing floor, especially for the ladies. When the ladies get a chance to kick off those heels and dance in their comfortable footwear, they are more than just happy.

Let your guests share their favorite songs to the DJ through a DJ song request box – this way they will not hover over the DJ and get a chance to shake their legs on their favorite dance number.


Selfies are undoubtedly the current craze. So, having a photo booth corner is sure to appeal to all your guests.

Arrange for some ‘in-time’ props like a huge google, large fake mustache paper cut, signboards, larger than life ribbons of varied colors, a bow, or a hat. You can also keep a traditional section with props such as turbans, ‘ghunghtas’ and desi decorative bicycles. 

A professional photographer can add more charm to the entire photo booth. He can also shoot videos and guide your guests to get the best pics or videos of their choice. 

If you are having a theme wedding, induce the theme in the photo booth and its props too.

Serve drinks in style

How about serving ‘phuchkas’ with vodka water, or keeping a water cooler for getting drinks, or introducing alcohol ‘chuskis’ instead of ‘kalla khattas’?

What we mean is don’t serve the drinks in sophisticated glasses only – think out the box. Let your guests enjoy not just the best of the alcohol, but also in a unique style. In fact, when you add such fun elements to your bar corner, a chunk of the mass won’t even bother what drink you are serving. And you can save on your cost in spite of giving some good time to your guests.

Tattoo Corner

What can be a better way to make your guests recall your wedding for a long time except for tattoos? No, we don’t mean the permanent ones. We are talking about some guileless, cute, romantic, and personalized temporary tattoos – even they can do the trick.

Purchase a bundle of temporary tattoos and place them near one of the gates. Keep someone near the box who can help the guests with putting on the tattoos. 

Teenagers will flock around that corner!

Serve snacks in a unique way

Food is very crucial in any of our functions – why not add some twist to it?

Serve your ‘papris’ in cocktail glasses, and ask your caterer to get crockeries of different shapes and sizes. Keep a popcorn corner and let your guests choose from the array of flavored popcorns. 

You can also keep some snacks for post-dinner and during the final marriage rituals like ‘pheras.’

Include games options

Games help a lot to break the ice, and it’s very much required in any big fat wedding. They can be as simple as a cricket match between the bride and grooms team, or a throw ball match between boys and girls, or you can keep a dubmash corner where they can act on movies, dialogues, or scenes. You can also save some time aside for the budding talents of your family when anyone interested can go up on the podium and showcase their talent.

Everyone starting from the players to the audience is sure to have loads of fun.

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